This Week's Schedule

Monday 3/30

Open Source Learning Day

Tuesday 3/31

Teacher - Directed

Wednesday 4/1

Teacher - Directed

Thursday 4/2

Open Source Learning Day

Friday 4/3

Teacher - Directed

On Teacher-Directed days choose your school first then find your teacher's "Remote eLearning" document.


What is an Open - Source Learning Day?

An Open-Source Learning day is carefully designed by your school principal and provides resources that you can use to continue your learning. Resources are provided at 9:00am from your school principal. Options exist for a flexible day of learning and exploration.

What is a Teacher - Directed Learning Day?

A Teacher-Directed Learning day is purposefully designed by your teacher and provides a specific plan for the entire day of learning. All resources, activities and schedules are determined by your teacher.

What are Grab and Go Meals?

As a reminder, “Grab and Go” Meal Packages are available for all children (Ages 3-18) within the entire Oak Lawn-Hometown School District community and can be picked up at Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School from 9AM to 12PM. “Grab and Go” Meal Packages are available on weekdays throughout the upcoming school closures, including during Spring Break. Click here for more information!

How can I contact my teacher?

Choose your school above to find your teacher and their email address.

Storytime from D123 and Beyond!

The Hula-Hoopin' Queen

Read by Oprah Winfrey

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

Read by Mr. Wawczak - Covington Principal


The Big Beyond

Read by Mrs. Kramer - Sward Principal

Social Emotional Resources

Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning

National Association of School Psychologists

Center for Disease Control

Technology Information for Long-Term Learning

Connecting Chromebook / iPad to Home Wireless Networks [WEB-LIVE]

How can I connect my D123 Chromebook / iPad to my Home Wifi?

How do I find my child’s username and password? [WEB-LIVE]

How can I find my child's D123 Username/Email & Password?

How can I download the Skyward Mobile App to my Smartphone? [WEB-LIVE]

How can I download the Skyward Mobile App to my Smartphone?

Comcast Announces COVID-19 Response Keeping Connected to the Internet

2020 Parents' Guide to Google Classroom

How can I use Google Classroom?

[OLHMS] Student Home Page & Web Apps

(Student D123 Login Required)

[K-5] Student Home Page & Web Apps

(Student D123 Login Required)

Skyward Family Access

(Student/Parent Login Required)

eLearning INFORMATION for Faculty & Staff